Muddy Party-Tour

It was a hot midsummer-night. Jennifer and Jessi 'a were in an enthusiastic mood while driving to a party in their favourite club. Tonight was farm-girls-motto-night. The two students were looking forward to it since a month and had spend the whole day with shopping in the city and dressing each other in Jennifers house. They both had dressed up very sexy because the best authentic sexy farmers-outfits were supposed to get free entry. Jessica wore a white stretch top with a brown suede-leather-west, a short brown-suede-skirt, a pantyhose and calf-high leather-cowgirls-boots. Jennifer preferred to wear stockings in her blue Hunters-rubber-boots, which she borrowed from Jess and which were one size too big for that reason. But except from the fact that they sticked out a bit at the top from her calfs, they fitted relatively good. And they matched perfectly with her rest outfit: denim  jeans-hot-pants and a countrylike patterned tight bra-top.

They had almost passed half of the way to the city (because Jennifer was living outside in the woods), and were just passing a forest, when Jessica asked her friend to stop for a pee. Jennifer laughed. "Didn’t I tell you, when we left. You are like a small child!" - "Yeah, I did not have to that time ago, but I must now." - "Yeah sure!" Jennifer drove the car from the freeway on a field-road and parked after some hundred meters at the edge of the woods. She grinned: "Do you need help?" Jessica grinned back while she opened the door and swinged her booted legs out. "No thanks, but leave the lights on please. I want to see where I am going.”

She got out of the car, closed the door and followed the headlights shine into the field. Some bushes were standing at the edge of the road and  when she passed them, she herself could still see the way for the headlights were shining trough the bushes. but she was now nearly invisible for Jennifer inside the car.

Jessica looked for a place to hide when she examined the ground which turned out to be a dry riverbed. The ground began to crackle under her feet as she crossed a wide area that was cracked from dryness and she had to balance on her cowgirl-boots-heels. Suddenly, her right boot penetrated the dried earth, sinking down to above the ankle. As she jerked on it to get it out, her left boot broke through. She looked down and saw with anger, that she had stepped into mud so thick, that it didn't even close around her boots, yet there was enough suction to resist pulling them out. In spite of it she worried about cleaning her leather-boots and started to jerk even harder to get her boots out, but only with the effect of sinking a bit deeper. She was really angry now. The boots were brand-new and she was not content with the idea of getting them dirty and ruining her whole outfit by that. She bent down and tried to dig her boots out with the hands but only mucked up her fingers and arms while realising that her heels were sinking deeper. She would not make it out here without help! "Jenny?". she cried, "Help me!"

Jennifer was sitting inside the car with the window open when she heard Jessica yelling. Immediately she got out! "Jess? Are you okay?" - "No, I am damn fück stucked! You must help me please!"

Jennifer stepped forward, hesitated for a moment and switched on the high-beam-lights before she ran behind the bushes. There she saw her friend in the miserable situation, paused and then started to laugh: "Girl! Aren't you too old to play in the mud? Why did you have to go that far. Nobody sees you here!" - "Shut up and get me the hell out of here Jenny. This is not funny!"

Jennifer swallowed the rest of her laughter and stepped carefully forward to the place where Jessica was standing. The floor crackled under her feet as well but did not broke directly for her hunters didn’t have heels as Jessy's boots. But when she reached her friend and passed her arm to lean on, the ground broke again and Jennifers blue Hunters too, sank ankle deep into the thick mud.

"Oh, great girl!", she yelled out with angry surprise, "now we both have to clean up our boots. She leaned on Jessica to pull on her legs but only with the same result like her before. Even worse, Jessica realised that she had worked her boots deeper to just below the top and the mud was now covering her leather-boots with a brown layer. Jessica cried in anger, stood still for a second and then began rocking her feet up and down within the mud. Soon she touched bottom but the top of her boots was now almost under the mud-surface and only it's thickly consistence stopped it from touching her legs. Jessica decided that it was now time to get out, so she leaned on Jennifer now and slowly pulled on her left leg again. The miry stuff resisted, but slowly, first the boot-top, then calf and then ankle could be seen, smoothed in some areas but clumped in others by the thick brown clay, which dripped off to join the main mass. She had discovered that the only way to free her boots was to point her toes downward while pulling her foot, so her heel was showing first on the surface of the mud.

Meanwhile, not only Jennifer, where she leaned on, had sank deeper in her Hunters, but also  Jessicas right leg had been rocking and pushing on what she had thought was the bottom, but was in reality a dried layer of clay. Suddenly, with all it's activity, her right boot broke trough this layer into much softer stuff and it completely swallowed her right shank. She cried out in surprise and instinctively pushed down with her left leg again in an effort to free the other. She momentarily succeeded, showing one bare upper boot above the surface, and one coated one; then her left boot broke through and she sank down again, though not quite as deep since she had her weight on both feet. Helpless she looked up to her friend but Jennifer was busy with herself. Her blue Hunters were higher than Jessicas and for being one size too big, nearly above-the-knee, but during Jessicas leaning on her shoulder, she too, had broke through the layer and was now also standing more than calf-high in the mud. And she found out, that rubber-boots had some more advantages:  First her heels were not so thin, so Jennifer was not sinking any more in opposite to Jess, who was now standing in the mud up to her knees and then, the rubber was way more resistible to the new soggy mud on the ground. Because at that moment, when Jessica started being glad, that her boots fitted perfectly tight around her legs so no mud was getting inside, she felt something cold and wet at her left ankle - some mud water was running trough the zipper-seams. She panicked, struggling to free first one leg and then the other, but only succeeded in miring herself up to her bottom. First her brown skirt was soaked by the mud, then Jessica was shocked by the feel of the cool mud soaking through over her crotch and bottom. She stopped struggling and enjoyed the silky feel as the mud moved slowly over her butt. While she was worried about getting stuck and ruining her outfit, she was surprised to find out how much she liked that feeling.

Meanwhile, Jennifer was staring in a mixture of horror and fascination at her knees, where the still blue tops of her boots only were millimetres above the surface of the mud. She had realised that struggling would only dig her deeper, so she stood still but her boots drilled it's way constantly down in the mud. She looked for her friend and was surprised seeing her smiling while at that moment, a bit of thick brown mud found it's way over the top of her right boot. Jennifer shivered and bent forward to stop it but the mud was already running down her leg, soaking her stockings. Too badly, the bend made the left boot sinking again and mud was overflowing it's top at three sides. Jennifer directly stould still but seeing it was too late, started struggling again and suddenly, with the creamy stuff inside her boots, she slipped out of the left and had to put the foot backward in order to keep the balance. This time, the mud gladly swallowed her foot to above the ankle. She freed the other foot the same way - it went forward and sank a little deeper. She had to get her boots out before they would sink any further, but she didn't want her socks any messier, so she balanced on one leg and pulled the sock off, revealing her bare foot. While figuring out where to put it, she broke through the layer again and had to plunge her foot back into the mud, pausing for a moment with suprise and then to enjoy the feel of the stuff moving between her toes. Then, already sank above her knees again, she bent forward to free her boots, which were still stuck in the mud, folded up and filled with creamy sauce. She grabbed the top of the first one and pulled, but again, for every centimetre of a rescued boot, she sank down three with her legs. Despite she managed to free the left but when she started to work on the other, the bottom of her denim jeans-hot-pants disappeared into the bog, then the top and while she could feel her panties getting soaked, it crept higher to claim her navel. She cautiously felt around with her feet and could feel no bottom. It was at this point, when she realised, that they had stepped into quicksand.

She tried leaning forward and pulling herself out of the quagmire, but her hands and arms were just swallowed by the muck. She stould still again and her eyes found Jessica's. She too, was sank up to her navel and had tried reaching for a nearby bush, but she couldn't quite reach it. Suddenly, she had had an idea, untied her halter (showing her bounteous breasts), tied a knot in one end and tossed the cloth through the branches of the nearby bushes. After a few tries, the cloth got caught from the branches and she looked for her friend, seeing her in the same helpless situation. “I don't know, if this works Jenny, but if it does, grab my feet and I will try to pull both of us out"

Jennifer nodded and Jessica began to pull herself from the quagmire. The mud was reluctant to give up its prize but after several minutes, the top of a soaked skirt began to appear on the surface, then the thighs, then the knees and when finally the top of two leather-boots were able to be seen, Jennifer grabbed for them and the branch broke. Jessica fell over and was now lying nearly completely on the surface of the bog. She reached for another branch with her bare hand and held it, while Jennifer pulled on her butt to get out. The sucking sand greedily reclaimed nearly everything that it had lost and more, so Jessys breast were now floating on the surface and slowly beeing engulfed but at least Jennifer managed to get herself out while climbing over her. Afterwards she lied down herself and gave a hand to Jessica, who finally got out by this way too. Then the two girls stood for a moment getting breath and looking at each other, suddenly breaking out in laughter. Jess was coated from the head to her toes with brown mud, her bare breasts looked like smeared with chocolate, her brown-suede-leather skirt was folded up in clay pleats and her ex-red calf-high leather boots were hanging ruined round her ankles. Jenny wasn't looking better; her bra was not doing its job any more, the blue jeans-hot-pants were still losing mud-drops from inside and her blue Hunter-boots were still shack in the bog, filled and folded up by the mud.

“Now I have to buy new rubber-boots”, she said. - “But not for any more mud-wrestling I hope”, replied Jessica and the girls laughed again and went back to her car.